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We are pet friendly!

Old Town Guesthouse B&B is a great pet friendly alternative to lodging at chain hotels in Colorado Springs. We welcome your travel companions. There is a $25 per night pet fee (by law, certified service animals for those with disabilities may, of course, accompany their owners at no additional charge). We will ask that you never allow your pet to be left in your room unattended unless kenneled. There is a spacious city park just one-half block away to offer your pet appropriate exercise.

We firmly advise that supplemental fees and/or full replacement costs for furnishings and/or loss of business will be applied if, due to any pet mishap, the room cannot be rented again within 24 hours. Charges will be assessed if the animal damages furnishings, requires carpet cleaning, has obviously been allowed into a steam shower or hot tub, or causes any other exceptional cleaning measures to be taken.

Note: please do not show up with a pet unannounced as we limit the number of pets in the building at any given time.

We’re equally as kid friendly!

Though we are regarded as an adult-oriented B&B, well-behaved children (like yours) are welcome at Old Town Guesthouse B&B. We rely on parents to assure that their children know how to interact with adults and that they will have proper respect for the inn, as there are many items that their curious touch might damage.

During special events, we’ve hosted adorable toddlers and whole house multi-generational family reunions, international weddings (one of which set up tents in the conference room so the kids could camp out during their stay), and awesome baby showers and everyone in between.

Although we have a game room with TV, pinball, pool table, and board games, please recognize that we have no pool, no playground, no play area…nothing specifically “kid friendly.”

Sleep-wise, other than the Indian Paintbrush room that offers a separate twin bed, and two additional bedrooms that can handle a twin rollaway for a fee, there are limited sleeping accommodations for the little ones. The floor space is snug. Plan on a “pack and play” for the smallest ones and maybe a yoga mat for older kids. We can help with extra blankets and pillows.

No charge for kids 12 and under. Teens and older are $35 per person per night. Otherwise, call, and if the house is slow, maybe we can offer you an adjacent room for the teens at a favorable rate.

Cancellation and Change Policy

RESCHEDULED reservations will be charged a one-time processing fee of $25 PER ROOM, subject to the cancellation policy.

CANCELED reservations:

  • Cancellations later than 12:00 noon within 48 hours of scheduled arrival forfeit the full deposit without option.
  • Cancellations of more than 48 hours, but within 14 days of arrival, forfeit the prepaid $25 PER ROOM/PER DAY processing fee with the balance provided as a gift-able/transferrable house credit.
  • Cancellations outside of 14 days of arrival are provided a full refund less a forfeit of a $25 PER ROOM/PER DAY processing fee.

Payment & Security – Credit Card Processing

Security is of the utmost importance to us, and we have taken every effort to ensure that you will be protected. The security features used to protect your transaction are the best available in the industry, using the most recent 128-bit encryption technology. All information is encrypted as it travels from your computer to the processing servers. That is our firm commitment to your security and peace of mind. Old Town Guesthouse B&B is doing everything in our power to protect our valued customers against fraudulent use of credit cards. We have completed our PCI DSS security audit and are confident that your Credit Card and other personal information is protected.

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